DeVolder, Peckham Win West Coast Nationals Preliminary Features At Antioch Speedway

DeVolder, Peckham Win West Coast Nationals Preliminary Features At Antioch Speedway

DeVolder, Peckham Win West Coast Nationals Preliminary Features At Antioch Speedway

By Don Martin II                              Track Photographer Paul Gould

Shane DeVolder won the 20 lap A Modified Preliminary Feature Friday night at Antioch Speedway.  This was the opening night of the West Coast Nationals, and DeVolder led all the way in victory.  DeVolder is the 2018 IMCA Modified State champion.  He led Danny Wagner for a lap before Ethan Dotson took over second on a lap two restart.  Bobby Hogge IV settled into third on a lap nine restart.  During the second half of the race, DeVolder had his hands full holding off Dotson, while Troy Foulger was looking for a way past Hogge for third.  DeVolder drove a great race to score the victory with Dotson, Hogge and Foulger finishing in the Top 4 and locking themselves into Saturday’s show.  Wagner just missed the cut with a fifth place finish.

Mom hugs 16 y.o. Shane DeVolder after his win.

There were two sets of 10 lap heat races, and Dotson was the only double winner.  DeVolder, Cody Burke, Foulger, Hogge, Anthony Giuliani, Danny Wagner, Nick DeCarlo and Tripp Gaylord won the other heats.  DeCarlo won the first of two 15 lap B Mains ahead of Foulger and Kellen Chadwick.  The second B Main win went to Anthony Slaney ahead of Grey Ferrando and Chester Kniss.

Andrew Peckham won the 20 lap B Modified Preliminary Feature.  He led from the start, and the race only had one yellow flag.  Following the lone yellow flag, Kenny Shrader took second from Fred Ryland on the restart.  Peckham didn’t get too far ahead of Shrader, but he drove a smooth race for the win.  Ryland and Troy Foulger made the Saturday Main Event as they finished third and fourth, respectively.  Tommy Fraser settled for fifth.

Foulger was the only double 10 lap heat race winner as Peckham, Ryland, Bobby Motts Jr, Brent Curran, Fraser and KC Keller won the other heat races.  Chase Thomas won the first 15 lap B Main ahead of Kenny Neu and Todd Gomez.  Phillip Shelby won the other B Main over Tanner Thomas and Tyler Bickford.

The $7,500 to win A Modified Main Event and the $1,500 to win B Modified Main are both tonight.  You don’t want to miss the second night of the West Coast Nationals.

Unofficial Race Results
Antioch Speedway West Coast Nationals
A Modifieds
Round 1 Heat Winners (10 Laps)-Ethan Dotson, Shane DeVolder, Cody Burke, Troy Foulger, Bobby Hogge IV.  Round 2 Heat Winners (10 Laps)-Ethan Dotson, Anthony Giuliani, Danny Wagner, Tripp Gaylord, Nick DeCarlo.  B Main 1 (15 Laps)-Nick DeCarlo, Troy Foulger, Kellen Chadwick.  B Main 2 (15 Laps)-Anthony Slaney, Grey Ferrando, Chester Kniss.    Preliminary Feature (20 Laps)-Shane DeVolder, Ethan Dotson, Bobby Hogge IV, Troy Foulger, Danny Wagner.

B Modifieds
Round 1 Heat Winners 10 Laps)-Andrew Peckham, Fred Ryland, Troy Foulger, Bobby Motts Jr.  Round 2 Heat Winners (10 Laps)-KC Keller, Brent Curran, Troy Foulger, Tommy Fraser.  B Main 1 (15 Laps)-Chase Thomas, Kenny Neu, Todd Gomez.  B Main 2 (15 Laps)-Phillip Shelby, Tanner Thomas, Ty Bickford.  Preliminary Feature (20 Laps)-Andrew Peckham, Kenny Shrader, Fred Ryland, Troy Foulger, Tommy Fraser.