2022 Sponsorship Opportunities Available Now!

As the 2021 Season comes to an end, Antioch Speedway has a current market portfolio that can be emailed out to potential track sponsors however, This portfolio does not include a few new opportunities that are becoming available now. While marketing your business, These opportunities will not only help the Mom and Pop shops but, they will help Antioch Speedway become more pleasing to the eye and better control the noise and dust. 

These new opportunities are:

Signage that faces L St. from our pit area. 

These signs will be offered at a very affordable price while giving the local Mom and Pop shops the ability to advertise their business to the traffic that passes by on a daily basis while allowing Antioch Speedway to remove the unsightly green barrier that is currently up while creating a more solid noise and dust barrier. Making Antioch Speedway more Eye Pleasing and Welcoming to the public. 

Signage along the front walkway in front of all of the grandstands.

Also being offered at a very affordable rate, These signs will be placed up against the front stretch wall along the walkway directly in front of the spectators. There is no better way of advertising your business than putting it right in the faces of the people who may spend their money at your place of business and keeping it there PLUS, By adding signage to the front stretch walkway wall, That portion will become more pleasing to the eye while assisting our security teams by keeping people away from the fence.

Commercials and/or Logo Placement within our LiveStreams.

That’s right! Antioch Speedway now has the ability to place Commercials and/or Logos within our LiveStream.  Anytime Antioch Speedway goes live, Whether it be on our platform or other platforms such as Facebook Live, Your business can be advertised during the event. 

*Stipulations may apply.

For more information Contact Tina Chadwick at ChadwickPROmotions@gmail.com


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