DeCarlo, Smith, Welborn, Foulger Get Antioch Speedway Wins

Photo courtesy of Melodie Smith
By Don Martin II
Antioch, CA…
April 9…

Nick DeCarlo won the 20-lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. DeCarlo had to battle forward from deep in the pack to get his second win of the season, and he used it to increase his point lead in the championship chase.

Trevor Clymens raced into the early lead ahead of Sean Wilson and Kenneth Robles. A low pass in Turn 4 of the second lap gained Aaron Crowell third. By the sixth lap, Clymens held a straightaway advantage over Wilson, but a yellow flag waved for Terry DeCarlo a lap later. Clymens led Robles and Wilson on the restart, and Crowell made a low pass in Turn 4 on Lap 8 to move into third. An outside pass on the front stretch on a Lap 9 restart put Crowell into second. Nick DeCarlo quickly struck to third. An outside pass on the front stretch on Lap 10 put DeCarlo into second. DeCarlo worked the outside and used it to make a pass on Clymens on lap 12. As DeCarlo set a good pace up front, Clymens had his hands full holding off Crowell. A yellow flag on Lap 17 bunched the field. As DeCarlo led the restart, Crowell went around the outside of Clymens for second. The last yellow flag fell on Lap 19, but it didn’t stop DeCarlo. He led the restart and brought it home to victory over Crowell. Working the outside line, Bobby Motts Jr beat Clymens back to the line for third, which he used to move into second in the standings. Kenneth Robles ended up fifth, followed by Buddy Kniss, Troy Foulger, Terry DeCarlo Jr, Terry DeCarlo Sr, and Gary Hylton. Crowell won the $100 four-lap Dash for Cash with the eight-lap heat race wins going to Robles, Nick DeCarlo, and Terry DeCarlo Jr.

Ryan Smith picked up the win in the 20-lap Super Stock Main Event. The Bakersfield competitor was a part of a group of several drivers who headed to Antioch after the Tri-State Pro Stock race in The Valley was canceled due to weather conditions.

Richard Brace Jr set the early pace ahead of Brent Lawrence and Jay Sears. An inside pass on the front stretch on Lap 2 gained Sears second, but Brace had about a straightaway advantage by then. A yellow flag waved after Michael Burch spun in Turn 4 on the fourth lap. Contact between Blaine Hill and Burch in Turn 2 saw Hill roll for a red flag on the restart lap. Hill was able to continue, but he had to retire from the race. The next restart attempt saw contact resulting in a Jim Freethy spin on the front stretch. Brace continued to lead the restart with Chris Smith going on the outside in Turn 4 to take second from Sears. Chris’s son Ryan Smith settled into third on Lap 7 and took second a lap later. A yellow flag waved on Lap 9 for a tangle on the front stretch between Chad Hammer and Burch. Brace continued to lead Ryan Smith and Chris Smith on the restart. An outside pass on the front stretch on Lap 10 gained a Freethy third from Chris Smith, and Smith headed for the pits. Sears and Freethy continued to battle for third as Brace led Ryan Smith. A yellow flag waved for a Burch spin in Turn 2 on Lap 13. Smith and Sears both got past Brace on the restart. A yellow flag waved on Lap 15 for debris, and Sears headed pitside. Ryan Smith led Brace and Freethy on the restart as Hammer was battling Jimmy Robbins for fourth. Smith drove a great race down the stretch and held off Brace to get the win. Freethy was a solid third, and some contact racing coming out of the final turn found Robbins beating Hammer back to the line for fourth. Sears ended up sixth, followed by Cody Smith, Burch, Paul Hanley, and Mike Walko. Walko and Freethy picked up eight-lap heat race wins with Freethy the four-lap Dash for Cash winner.

Misty Welborn won her third Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. The win gained her the point lead from reigning champion Larry McKinzie Jr, who suffered mechanical issues and fell out early.

Welborn jumped into the lead at the start ahead of Michaela Taylor and McKinzie. A low pass in Turn 4 of the fourth lap gained McKinzie second, and Welborn was working slower traffic by the seventh lap. A high pass in Turn 2 of the eighth lap regained Taylor second from McKinzie. McKinzie slowed and was slammed in the rear end in Turn 2 by Jewell Crandall, who had nowhere to go. Welborn led Taylor and Aiden Ponciano on the restart as Taylor DeCarlo moved into fourth. The final yellow flag slowdown occurred on the 13th lap, and Welborn led Clymens and Taylor on the restart. However, Ponciano came back strong to regain third on Lap 13. A battle developed between DeCarlo, Chris Long, and Jared Baugh for fourth on Lap 14. Long ended up with fourth on the 15th lap and slipped past Ponciano a lap later for third. However, Welborn held a straightaway advantage by the time the checkered flag waved. Taylor was a career-best second, followed by Long, DeCarlo, Ponciano, James Graessle, Jon Haney, Jess Paladino, Crandall, and Danny Aves. The eight-lap heat race wins went to Charlie Bryant, Long and McKinzie.

Troy Foulger won the 20-lap IMCA Stock Car Main Event. This makes the five-time IMCA Modified champion the third different winner in his many races. Anthony Giuliani took the early lead ahead of reigning champion Travis Dutra and Joe Gallaher. Foulger moved into third on Lap 3 and made an inside pass in Turn 4 on the fifth lap to take second from Dutra. Foulger ran the high side and Dutra ran the low side in a close, side by side battle for second, but Foulger kept beating him to the line. Soon, Foulger caught Giuliani and began a side-by-side battle with him. A low pass in Turn 4 of the 12th lap put Foulger into the lead. Unfortunately for Giuliani, he suffered mechanical failure in Turn 1 for a lap 13 yellow flag. Foulger led Dutra and Jason Robles on the restart, and they ran that way to the checkered flag. Jason Jennings ended up fourth, followed by Gallaher, Scott Foster, Dave Hill, Dan Gonderman, and Giuliani. The eight-lap heat race wins went to Dutra and Foulger.

Racing returns this Saturday night with Wingless Spec Sprints making their season debut along with the Delta Dwarf Cars, WMR Midgets, and the Mini Stocks. There will also be an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. For further information, go to

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