Mini Stocks, You CAN have a purse!

As you all know the Mini-Stock class has been added to the schedule for the 2020 season and is intended to be a beginners division.

The class has been struggling to get a car count but, Chad and Tina Chadwick are not about to give up on the class. Instead they decided to do something that it seems that other tracks are not doing and that’s offering a purse!

Now, This purse comes along with a stipulation and that stipulation is that car count must be 5 or more cars must come to race.

On Saturday August 22nd, Providing 5 or more cars come to race, Bob and Kelly from Quality Aero Maintenance have offered $100 to the winner.

Chad and Tina have also agreed and are willing to add to the purse with an additional $75.00 to 2nd, $50.00 to 3rd and $25.00 to 4th.

If the car count stays at 5 or more, The purse will continue as follows:
1st $75.00
2nd $50.00
3rd $25.00

Let’s build this class and get those 5 cars…