Short Interview with Chad Chadwick

Antioch Speedway Promoter Chad Chadwick Pictured above with FLO Racing Announcer Chet Christner

When asked about the divisions for the Turkey Day races at Antioch Speedway and what’s to come, Promoter Chad Chadwick had the following to say. 

“Although The Winged 360 Sprint Cars haven’t really shown up with the number of cars that we’d like to have seen recently, We still have high hopes that they will bring the car counts that we so desire.” Stated Chad Chadwick Promoter of Antioch Speedway. “We understand that there have been schedule conflicts with other tracks as has been the case with other divisions this season. We’re hoping to be able to address those issues along with some others at the promoter’s workshop for the upcoming 2022 season. I am very Hopeful, we all can come to some agreements and everyone can have good non-conflicting schedules once again. The pandemic took its ugly toll on all of the promoters and we all struggled to get what we could when we could.”

“The Wingless Sprint Cars have been pretty solid for the most part and the Hobby Stocks have always had enough for a full main event. I’ll be keeping the Hobby Stocks here for a while, They are not going anywhere. The Mini Stocks are still new to Antioch Speedway and I think that they have the potential to grow. I do want to eventually separate the front wheel drives from the rear wheel drives and we’re looking into those options now.”

“When I took over Antioch Speedway, I went and got the track sanctioned by IMCA. This allowed the Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, and Stock Cars to be able to run for State and National Points. Something that had been unavailable to the local drivers in years past, Since the days of NASCAR. I saw that the Stock Car Division was growing and I wanted Antioch Speedway to be a part of that.”

“We would love to see Antioch Speedway and all the other tracks around us return to the days when we all had the cars to put on some of the best racing that I had the pleasure of being a part of and we all had the fan base. You know, The fans play the biggest part in this sport. They actually give the drivers what they need to put in that extra little bit. Racing isn’t easy. It wears a guy out and when you hear the fans cheering, It just does something to you. You get that little grin, You cock your head and push that peddle just a little harder. It’s a rush!” Chad said with excitement. “I know when I drove the fans motivated me quite a bit.”

“When I took Antioch Speedway over that’s what I wanted and I truly believe it still can be once again. I know that there are still tons of things to do. More than I ever thought about or could ever imagine. I’m not perfect and no one is But, This is bigger than me. This is for Antioch Speedway. Although, While it’s not obvious to everyone, We are working on things that still need to be done and all the necessary improvements that I’ve been talking about. The list is long and it takes a lot of time and money. We will get it done. We had our rookie year and then we stumbled a few times this year but, We’re going to pick ourselves up, shake the dust off and push on. I still believe things will get better. Each year, I just ask for a little better than the last. I think every promoter should try for better than the previous year.”

“I’m excited to see what 2022 brings along with it.”

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