The Future of the Hobby Stocks at Antioch Speedway

by Wylie Wade

There have been rumors swirling around about the future of the Hobby Stock Division at Antioch Speedway. Questions if Antioch Speedway is going to make the move to IMCA Hobby Stocks? Is Antioch Speedway going to stay with the current Hobby Stocks? What is the future of Hobby Stocks at Antioch Speedway?

I reached out to Chad Chadwick today to inquire about the future of the Hobby Stocks at Antioch Speedway, before I tell you what he said, let me remind you that Antioch Speedway has the strongest Hobby Stock Division in the state of California, week in and week out the Hobby Stocks come out in force and put on a great show. So my question to you is why would we want to get rid of such a strong division?

So Chad told me the Hobby Stocks as they are now are not going away. Antioch Speedway will not be changing to a IMCA Hobby Stock platform, we will remain with what we have. Chad said, “The Camaros are going to die at Antioch Speedway.” In other words we will be racing Camaros at Antioch Speedway until there are no more Camaros to race. So if you are one of the people who put your Camaro up for sale thinking you won’t be able to race it, get it off the auction block and get it ready for the 2023 season at Antioch Speedway, and we would like to invite the Hobby Stocks throughout California, Oregon and Nevada to come out to Antioch Speedway and race in 2023 and beyond.