1st Clean Up day is a SUCCESS.

It was an early Saturday Morning, and the smell of fuel and an odd yet familiar humm of engines once again were active within the pits at Antioch Speedway.

This time the engines weren’t from the cars though. No, They were in some cases 2 stroke and electric weed whackers. One guy even brought in his tractor. 

Racers and Pit Crew Members showed up in force to help clean up the facility and welcome a new season along with the new promoter.  

With the grass flying, The rocks being picked up and branches being hauled away, The Racers and Crew Members showed that the love and desire that they have for the facilty and the sport is still present. 

Just looking around at the accomplishments made today could bring a tear to ones eye. 

There was a new feeling, A new vibe if you will. Everyone, Even the kids were smiling as they anticipated what this new year is to bring. 

Thank You Everyone for coming out and helping. 

We’re still not done, There’s still more to do and not very much time to do it in. (See Count Down timer on bottom of webpage)

Our next Clean Up date is next Sunday February 23rd at 10am. Bring all of your yard tools and lets do this one more time.

Today proved that alot can be accomplished in just one day.