2020 Hobby Stock Rules have been Amended!

B. Pistons:
Flat top or Dish pistons ONLY. No lighting of any kind. No domed pistons allowed.
C. Heads:
Stock OEM or World Products S/R Torquer Cylinder Heads for Chevrolet part# 042660 and 042670 or part
#5303 for Ford. Dart heads, part #10024361 and Speedway part #9154622 for Chevy.
2. No aluminum, angle plug, or aftermarket racing heads allowed, except for the above listed.
3. No port matching, no pocket porting or blending. No angle plug heads.
Stock appearing stamped steel rockers only. Roller tips OK, No alloy, No chromoly or titanium allowed. No
rollers. Screw in studs OK. Large valve springs OK. Guide plates OK.