#16 Adam Kujala

#16 Adam Kujala


Adam ”Rocky” Kujala

Adam started racing in 2005. He Raced from 05-08 in the hobby stocks before giving up the drivers seat to my wife Joanna in 2009.
Adam says "I could have never done it in those years without the help of Rob Waldrop who taught me a bunch".

He bought another car in 2018 and made a few starts in 19, Until a blown motor ended his season.

Adam now has a brand new motor in now and is looking forward to having some fun while racing with everyone in 2020.

"I want to give a Special Thank You to my pit crew Shanon Tool and for all the help getting the car together from Mike Walko and Dan McCown."

Adams would also like to Thank his Sponsors,

Square Level Plumb Remodel & Repair
Decarlo’s Auto Repair
Lucky Dog Racing League
Decarlo Racing Products
Delta Transmission
Delta Graffix

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