#18t  James Thomson

#18t James Thomson


James has loved racing since he was a kid and at the age of 16, He was a member of the Antioch Speedway officiating family.

Two years ago, at 24, He was finally able to get out on the track behind the wheel of a car of his own.

2020 will be the first full season for James. He is looking forward to battling with all drivers in the Hobby Stock division that he calls family.

James has proven that he has what it takes to win and you can bet that every time he’s on the track that he’s going to give it his all.

James would like to Thank his sponsors.

James Thomson Pittsburg, Ca.
Hot Shots Motorsports and Photography
Big D’s Garage Doors
Chad Hammer Racing Engines
Ryland Racing

And of course a Very Special Thanks to MOM

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