#00 Chris Sorensen

#00 Chris Sorensen


Chris Sorensen
Hometown: El Sobrante, CA

2019, 2018 & 2010 Hobby Stock Champion

Chris began racing Hobby Stocks in 1999. He raced from 1999 through 2001, then began intermittently racing a Super Stock in 2003. He began racing Hobby Stocks again in 2009 through 2010, then after a break, resumed again in 2015 until now.

Chris would like to thank Willie for all of his help on the car the past few years, as well as his sponsors for all of their generosity, help & support!

BRC Race Cars
GET OUT OF TOWN! Professional Pet Care
LRT Graphics
Lucky Dog Race League
Montalvo Motorsports
Hotshots Motorsports Photography
McHugh’s Towing & Used Auto Parts

And most importantly Race On! 🏁

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