Foulger A Double Winner In Hetrick Memorial, Shrader, Tuttle Other Antioch Speedway Winners

Troy Foulger #49 maintained his IMCA Modified point lead with his second Hetrick Memorial win. Photo by Katrina Kniss

By Candice Martin

Antioch, CA…July 8…Troy Foulger of Oakley won the 25 lap IMCA Modified Main Event Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. This was his third win of the season in the Bowers Motorsports Modified as he maintains the point lead in that division. He also won the IMCA Stock Car race earlier in the evening. This was the Eighth Annual Hetrick Memorial race, and this was his second win in that event, paying $1,250 on this occasion.
Foulger drew the front row for the feature race, but Josh Combs of Roseville jumped into the early lead. Following a yellow flag for Gary Hetrick on Lap 2, Foulger bolted into the lead on the restart with Oakley’s Kellen Chadwick in tow. Bobby Hogge IV of Salinas settled into third and made an inside pass in Turn 4 on Lap 5 to take second from Chadwick. Foulger saw his lead erased by a Lap 9 yellow flag for Sean Wilson of Oakley. Foulger had to deal with multiple yellow flags over the next half-dozen laps, but he beat Hogge on each ensuing restart. Foulger was just too smooth during the final 10 laps and brought it home to a satisfying win. Hogge settled for second ahead of Chadwick, Nick DeCarla of Martinez and Andrew Pearce of Oakley.
Kenny Shrader #188 collected his third Hetrick Memorial win in the IMCA Sport Modifieds. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Kenny Shrader of Pacheco picked up the win in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. The win moved him into a tie with Jason Ryan Jr of Oakley for the point lead and was his third-straight win in this event. It also paid him $1,000.

Mark Garner of Antioch set the early pace ahead of Haley Gomez of Antioch. Gomez surrendered second to Shrader a lap later. A yellow flag waved for a Billy Garner spin in Turn 4 on Lap 7. Shrader took the lead from Mark Garner on the restart with Tommy Fraser of Antioch making a low pass in Turn 4 on Lap 9 for third. An outside pass on the bach stretch on Lap 12 put Fraser into second, but the tenacious Garner regained that position two laps later. Ryan moved up to battle Fraser for the third position, grabbing the spot on Lap 18, and Shrader brought it home a happy winner ahead of Mark Garner, Ryan, Fraser and Trevor Clymens of Brentwood.
Jacob Tuttle #3 returned for the first time since the Fair and picked up another Wingless Spec Sprint victory. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Jacob Tuttle won the 25 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event. The Oakley driver had picked up a win in the Ted Finkenbinder ownerd car during the County Fair, and he led every lap on this occasion in victory.

Dylan Newberry of Brentwood was an early second before being overtaken by Jarrett Soares of Gilroy with a Turn 2 pass on Lap 13. Moments later, Steve Bruno of Pittsburg got out of shape exiting Turn 4 and veered into the path of Anthony Snow of Wilton, resulting in Snow doing a cartwheel down the front straightaway. Snow was uninjured. Tuttle led the restart ahead of Soares and led the rest of the way in victory. Brentwood’s Bob Newberry ended up third, followed by Dylan Newberry of Brentwood and point leader James East of Oakley.
Troy Foulger won his sixth IMCA Stock Car Main Event. The point leader took the lead at the halfway point of the race and won by a wide margin.
Troy Foulger #49 now has six IMCA Stock Car wins as he maintains the point lead in that class. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Terry DeCarlo Jr of Martinez set the early pace ahead of Rio Vista’s Jason Robles and Foulger. Foulger got passed by Mitch Enos of Manteca with an inside move in Turn 4 of the seventh lap. However, Foulger stuck it up on the outside and made a high pass around Enos and Robles to claim second on Lap 8. Foulger closed in on DeCarlo very quickly and made a high pass in Turn 2 of the 11th circuit to grab the lead. Foulger stretched his advantage to a straightaway in victory with Robles beating DeCarlo in a near photo finish at the line for second. Enos of Manteca ended up fourth ahead of Scott Foster of Oakley.

Racing continues next Saturday night with the IMCA Sport Modifieds back in action along with the Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks, IMCA Stock Cars, Print Club Mini Stocks and 600 Micro Sprints all in action. For further information, go to
Antioch Speedway Race Results 
IMCA Modifieds
Heat Winners (8 laps)-Troy Foulger, Bobby Hogge IV. Main Event (25 laps)-Troy Foulger, Bobby Hogge IV, Kellen Chadwick, Nick DeCarlo, Andrew Pearce, Josh Combs, Randy Shafer, Jeff Browne, Bobby Motts Jr, Gary Hetrick.
IMCA Sport Modifieds 
Heat winners (8 laps)-Kenny Shrader, Jason Ryan Jr, Jeremy Hoff. Main Event (20 laps)-Kenny Shrader, Mark Garner, Jason Ryan Jr, Tommy Fraser, Trevor Clymens, Jacob Mallet Jr, Jeremy Hoff, Haley Gomez, Kelly Campanile, Tommy Clymens Jr.
Wingless Spec Sprints 
FT Jacob Tuttle 14.366. Heat Winners (8 laps)-Jacob Tuttle, Bob Newberry. Main Event (25 laps)-Jacob Tuttle, Jarrett Soares, Bob Newberry, Dylan Newberry, James East, Jeff Scotto, Roy Fisher, Nathan Johnson, David Johnson, Steve Maionchi.
IMCA Stock Cars 
Heat Winners (8 laps)-Mitch Enos. Main Event (20 laps)-Troy Foulger, Jason Robles, Terry DeCarlo Jr, Mitch Enos, Scott Foster, Dave Hill, Nick DeCarlo DNS.