Pace Lap with Candice, Fan Appreciation Night, August 5, 2023

by: Candice Martin
I like the story that I did for Fan Appreciation Night. I really wanted to emphasize what Ron Brown had done, because the night wouldn’t happen without him. He spearheaded this thing and found out what was needed to make it happen. Thanks to him, fans will get to watch a good night of racing and maybe win a prize, all for just $5.
It’s hard to believe that we’ve gotten all the way into August, but here we are. The point races have just 2 months left and then we have a month of specials. It seems like the year has just gone by like that.
We had a loaded program last week, and we’re coming back with seven divisions again. There won’t be a lack of variety for the fans to enjoy, and the crew is working harder to make better racing conditions this time around. We’re hoping to put our best foot forward on this occasion.
We know that the track is kind of a secret to people in Antioch, but it always has been. Even when we had better numbers, a lot of people didn’t realize Antioch has a race track. Ron and others have gone around town with posters and handing out tickets, and we’re hoping to fill the grandstands and show people what a night of racing is all about.
These moves are definitely significant. We’ve got to try, even if we face a challenge. When people do come out here and see the excitement, they want to come back and see it again. We just have to get them here to look the first time. It’s a challenge to maintain a race track these days compared to 20 or 30 years ago, so we have to keep working at it.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but then Katrina Kniss hit me with photos. I think she wasn’t going to wait for me to miss my request again, and I figured I’d go ahead and do one of my regular preview articles, just in case you can use it. No pressure. I’ve written quite a bit this week as is. My brain has been in racing mode since announcing on Saturday.