A Lap Around Antioch with Candice – Post Dwarf Car Nationals

We ran the dwarf Car Nationals. Drivers came in from five different states and from all over California. The thing about these Nationals events that fans don’t really get to see is it’s not just a race, but it’s almost like a family reunion in the pits. They do several of these types of events, and the host organizations under the WSDCA banner takes care of all the details at the tracks.

Our own Delta Dwarf Car Association put this thing together. Danny Wagner was a busy man as he and fiance Ellie Russo were handling all sorts of details. They had a party and cornhole tournament on Thursday, but there was no practice as it was felt that the track would be better off waiting until race day to be used. They also had post-race meals on both race nights.

The frustrating part is you have a hard time getting fans to come spectate at one of these events. The Dwarf Cars are just one of those divisions that you may not necessarily come to the track to see. When they are there, you frequently leave having been entertained. The racing was good, but we didn’t do great in the grandstands. Friday was particularly though.

Frank Munroe really had a good idea when he created the Nationals event at Marysville. He got over 100 cars to come compete. I’ve always loved the idea of getting that kind of a field in one class. It doesn’t seem like we do that well in the other divisions, not like they do it here. If only we could get the butts in the seats to come watch it, which is the name of the game.

The racing was good, and we had our regular divisions there supporting both nights. I’ll let the powers that be decide where things go from here. I’m looking ahead to the Dean Cline Classic for the Hobby Stocks this coming weekend. My big concern here is that we need a little bit more umph to the schedule that night.

When the schedule was booked, we tried to work with other places and not book certain divisions. While in theory this is a good idea as you’re sharing with everybody else, it’s not a good idea for a track that races more than any other track in the state. We need what we need when we need it, and we don’t always have it.

I’m not sure if anything will be added as I write this, but I advised Chad to take a look at IMCA Sport Modifieds and Wingless Spec Sprints. The only other problem is drivers have other plans, so you can’t always get away with throwing something in at the last minute or you’ll hurt the point battles. The IMCA Sport Modifieds weren’t booked because of what’s going on in Oregon, but did we need to do that? I don’t know.

I don’t think you’re wrong trying to work with other places, but when you don’t offer the fans the best show you can give them, then you’re struggling to get them to come. Ticket prices and food prices are what they are, so people need justification for the show they’re seeing. Are we giving it to them? I’ll leave that question dangling.